Anaesthesia News Archive

  • December, 2008
    Executive Page - Report from the Honorary Treasurer
    GAT Page - Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality (SASM)
    Reflections from Africa
    The impact of specialist training on consultant anaesthetists’ outof- hours work at a large teaching hospital
    The History Page - The Winter Scientific Meeting Comes of Age
    Rabbiting on about The Art Exhibition
    “Slightly More Extensive Than I First Thought”
    AAGBI Private Practice Fee Survey 2008
  • November, 2008
    Real anaesthetists treat more than one species: Part three
    How useful is induction? - a trainee’s view
    How useful is induction? - a consultant’s view
    GAT Page - The 2008 GAT Annual Training Survey
    The History Page - Out of Programme Experience - 1970s style
    Lost in Translation: The difficulties and pitfalls of using interpretation services
    11 months of a Grievance
    Combating Climate Change
  • October, 2008
    Pain Fellowship at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
    Advancing Patient Safety
    GAT Page: The Pregnant Anaesthetist
    Real anaesthetists treat more than one species: Part two
    The History Page: Anaesthesia in the Crimean War
    Specialist Society Page: Anaesthetists In Management (aim) A Role By Any Other Name
    AAGBI support for higher award applicants
    Anaesthetists and the NHS
  • September, 2008
    Real anaesthetists treat more than one species: Part one
    Guest Editorial - Welcome to ‘The Class of 08’
    Gat Page - “Welcome aboard the Liner Hotel" Report of the GAT ASM 2008
    The History page - Thomas Beddoes and his Gas Factory
    NAP4 - The 4th National Audit Project of the Royal College of Anaesthetists: Major Complications of Airway Management in the United Kingdom
    Peter Baskett memorial service
    Committee Focus - Members’ Wellbeing Section now online
  • August, 2008
    The NHS at 60 - part 2
    Improving patient safety in the NHS
    Gat Page - Organising a Medical Meeting
    The Society of Bariatric Anaesthetists (SOBA)
    History Page - A history of early Spinal Anaesthesia and the men involved
    Out of Programme Experience in Cape Town
    The Specialist Library for Surgery, Theatres and Anaesthesia
    John Snow 150th Anniversary Event
  • July, 2008
    The NHS at 60
    Rabbits Rule OK?
    Gat Page - Managing your Management Competencies
    The History Page - The Historical Medical Equipment Society
    Why I picked Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine
    Surgical Punctuality
    Dr. Ruxton - drug pusher and language monitor
    Life, Pooh and everything
  • June, 2008
    From Brighton to Cape Town - The 14th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists
    Council News & Announcements
    GAT Page - Medical Training – where next?
    The Consultant Appointment Process
    The History Page - The Development of Anaesthesia in Serbia
    SAS Page - Update on the new SAS grade contract
    Naked Gasman
    Film Review
  • May, 2008
    Scottish Standing Committee Open Meeting - Stirling 2008
    National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia
    GAT Page - The European Working Time Directive
    Anaesthetic machine power failure and battery backup
    Stanford University Hospital - A year in Silicon Valley!
    Editorial - MMC Selection Revisited
    The History Page - A centenary celebration
    Anaesthesia Aphorisms
  • April, 2008
    The GAT Web Pages
    COMMITTEE FOCUS - The Aagbi Staff and Associate Specialist Committee
    CAROLINE and TUFFY - A tale of unrequited love or an anaesthetic nearly given
    Anaesthesia Aphorisms
    The History Page - An Anaesthesia History Timeline – The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre at 21 Portland Place
    Council News & Announcements
    One day in the life of Ivan Ezegas
  • March, 2008
    Elections to Council of the Association
    GAT Page - Post –Fellowship Study Day at British Airways’ Flight Training
    A menagerie of trainers – a trainee perspective
    Finance - It all Adds up!
    Ethiopian Society of Anesthesiologists - Professional Association (ESAPA) Founding Conference
    Language Barrier
    The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations Charter
    Ivan Ezegas