Anaesthesia News Archive

  • December, 2009
    Specialty Specific Incident Reporting
    An Update from the GAT Committee Art exhibition report
    GASACT Darwin 2009
    Permissive hypotension or aggressive fluid resuscitation
    A Description of a Unique Scavenging Reservoir for Jackson Rees Breathing Circuits
    The 2009 AAGBI Annual Congress in Liverpool
    You had better believe it!!!
    A BIG Thank you to the AAGBI
  • November, 2009
    Patient Safety First Campaign 10 Engineering safety into regional anaesthesia: from bag to needle
    Training in aviation: What can we learn?
    The History Page: Musings from a dusty corner – Churchill’s Mask
    This month’s guideline Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
    The AAGBI Anaesthesia Fellowship programme in Uganda
    Ever decreasing circles – concentrating minds as well as cells
    ACCEA National Awards 2009 round
    Gas Flo
  • October, 2009
    Pain Fellowship at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
    Advancing Patient Safety
    Anaesthesia Aphorisms
    GAT Page: The Pregnant Anaesthetist
    Real anaesthetists treat more than one species: Part two
    Specialist Society Page: Anaesthetists In Management (AIM) A Role By Any Other Name
    AAGBI support for higher award applicants
    Anaesthetists and the NHS
  • September, 2009
    Supporting Professional Activities (SPA) and the Consultant Contract
    Supporting Professional Activities (SPA) and the Consultant Contract
    Report of the GAT Annual Scientific Meeting Cambridge, 2009
    BIS in Clinical Practice: Case report competition
    Journal readers: the AAGBI needs you
    Close Encounters of the Super-Bug Kind
    MRSA positive: A negative experience?
    Musings from Milan
  • August, 2009
    Safety Page - The WHO Surgical Safety
    Checklist – the challenges of culture change
    Executive Page - The BMA Consultants’ Conference
    GAT Page - Postgraduate Qualifications: A Beginner’s Guide
    Lost in Translation
    History Page - It Was Fifty Years Ago Today
    SAS Page - SAS Committee Report
  • July, 2009
    Clinical Excellence Awards and Anaesthesia
    Safety Page - ‘To err is human…. Or is it?’
    GAT Page - The Chair is dead. Long live the Chair!
    History Page - Anaesthesia’s Debt to John Dalton
    Hello mama... Yes, I am now in London
    Committee Focus - Welfare Committee
    Anaesthesia News debate - "There is a role for a non-consultant, post-CCT grade in Anaesthesia"
  • June, 2009
    Anaesthetist to Hairdresser: Is the grass really greener? (or is it just the hair?!)
    Executive Page: AAGBI Foundation Launch
    Committee Focus - Irish standing Committee
    GAT Page - Professionalism in Anaesthetic Trainees
    History Page - Chloroform for the Kaiser
    Competency Testing at the GMC – on the Receiving End!
    AAGBI members develop Paediatric Anaesthetic Drug Dosage Calculator
    2009 AAGBI Annual Congress Art Exhibition, Liverpool
  • May, 2009
    Scottish Standing Committee Open Meeting, Stirling, February 2009
    Editorial - Saving the planet in tiny steps
    Executive Page - Honorary Membership Secretary’s Report
    An FY1 in cardiac anaesthesia
    GAT Page - Joint GAT/APA Survey of Paediatric Experience among Trainee Anaesthetists 2008/9
    History Page - Travels with Tracrium
    Anaesthesia News debate - “Consultants doing first on call is part of the solution to EWTD”
    The Lost Interviews: Human error or human resources in error?
  • April, 2009
    Reflections of a road cyclist – Lands End to John O’Groats
    GAT Page: European Working Time Directive (EWTD): Countdown to August 2009
    History Page: A fire to be ignited? Teaching the History of Anaesthesia to Ten Year olds
    The launch of the AAGBI Foundation
    Safety Page: Safety and Human Factors - The first Virtual Edition of Anaesthesia
    Specialist Society Page: The Neuroanaesthesia Society of Great Britain and Ireland (NASGBI)
    Reverification is the new revalidation – more changes in GMC plans
    News from the WFSA
  • March, 2009
    Winter Scientific Meeting January 2008
    Executive Page: THE AAGBI NEEDS YOU!
    GAT Page - Clinical Vs Non-Clinical Competencies: A competition in today’s training environment?
    History Page - The history of epidural anaesthesia
    Safety Page - Advancing patient safety – The Scottish Patient Safety Programme
    SAS Page - Proud to be an SAS anaesthetist!
    Nottingham Anaesthetists Co-operate to maintain pay parity
    European Update