Anaesthesia News Archive

  • December, 2011
    Pain management in low and middle income countries
    The wrong kind of bite
    From less than full time anaesthetist to less than full time mother
    GAT: LTFT Training in anaesthesia - an update
    Aeromedical management of mass casualty incident in Mogadishu, Somalia
    Top tips for out of programme experience (OOPE)
    Failed intubation - it is rocket science
    Caught in the octopus trap
  • November, 2011
    Results of the AAGBI Survey of Private Practice
    Science Museum - Anaesthesia makes an exhibition of itself
    Libyan refugee relief in Tataouine
    Advanced Obstetric Anaesthesia: Training at Stanford University School of Medicine, California
    Big Game
    CATNAP Preliminary Safety Communication
    WSM LONDON 2012
  • October, 2011
    A taste of my own medicine
    Returning to work in a wheelchair
    AAGBI SAS Travel Grant: Medical simulation
    Anaesthetic monitoring 1970s style
    Giants of Anaestheisa - Mike Tunstall remembered
    Summary of NICE guideline: The management of hip fracture in adults
    GAT ASM: A junior trainee’s perspective
    GAT: Marathon des Sables
  • September, 2011
    A lumbar spine phantom
    Differences Down Under
    The new Intensive Care Medicine training programme and how this will affect anaesthetic trainees
    Northern Cleft Foundation: Cleft Surgery Camp 2011
    GAT: The ins and outs of applying to work in the Antipodes
    The Primary Challenge
    Common problems, shared solutions
    From HipFAN to HipPeN: a report on the annual meeting of National Hip Fracture Anaesthesia Network
  • August, 2011
    Enteral Nutrition for the Anaesthetist 1970’s Style
    What's been happening with the Pre-operative Association...
    A Lesson in Communication on Critical Care
    New AAGBI/BADS Guidelines Day Case and Short Stay Surgery: 2
    Southern Sudan - the Wessex link
    “Smart” Anaesthetists: The iGeneration
    Management of a Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis
    OAA information for mothers: A New App
  • July, 2011
    Running Ultramarathons
    Regan Fellowship with Operation Smile
    The life of a tiny artist in scrubs
    Training in anaesthesia in a developing country: Getting it counted towards your CCT
    Life as a professional tennis player
    The Amateur Transplants
    High as a kite
    Anaesthetists and prehospital immediate care
  • June, 2011
    Conference report: BMA Private Practice Conference
    GAT - The Royal Air Force Critical Care Air Support Team
    Jubilee Sailing Trust
    The Development and Organisation of the John Snow Archive and Research Companion Website
    Specialist Anaesthetic Training in Zambia: the MMed Anaesthesia degree
    NPSA Patient Safety Alert / PSA/2011/001 Safer spinal needles
    Victor and the love of bobbins
    Does Private Practice Pay?
  • May, 2011
    AAGBI Membership Survey – Your chance to have your say
    Newcastle / Gateshead Medical Volunteers Orthopaedic Work in Iraq
    GAT - Training in Anaesthsia eh?...tut, tut.. That’s gonna cost ya!!
    The Lifebox Project
    The Provision of Anaesthesia in Germany
    PC or Mac or ?
    Things aren’t what they used to be
  • April, 2011
    GAT - Top 10 tips for your First Year as a Consultant
    How do you spell manikin?
    Hip Fracture Care - my mum's experience
    An Age Old Problem
    History Page - Regional Anaesthesia – Past, Present and Future
    Neck of Femur Fractures In retrospect
    What’s in a Standard?
    Anaesthesia and aviation - an experience from AMREF Flying Doctor Service
  • March, 2011
    The AAGBI launches guidance document on the Consultant Contract
    GAT - What’s happening with recruitment this year?
    Getting the balance right - A personal view of LTFT training
    The Scottish Seminar comes to Dundee!
    Managing a crisis – the trainee with a drug or alcohol problem
    The Royal Association of Institutions lecture presentation guidelines
    WFSA Newsletter - Update on the Global Oximetry Project
    History Page - History of Anaesthesia Society