Anaesthesia News Archive

  • December, 2015
    Motor expenses – the implications for anaesthetists
    GAT Annual scientific Meeting 2015 review
    how to become an anaesthetic educator while fulfilling your advanced training in education
    Book review: Anaesthesiologist’s Manual of surgical Procedures
    AAGBI A Year in review
    What you think - AAGBi Membership survey
    Trainee specific results - AAGBi Membership survey
    Your letters
  • November, 2015
    AAGBI Wylie Medal runner-up essay 2015: safety in numbers
    The Anaesthesia and Perioperative care research Priority setting Partnership: implications and final results
    The Neuroanaesthesia society of Great Britain & ireland: the first 50 years
    Improving global anaesthesia: where do we start?
    Anatomy and the Anaesthetist
    MHRA – regulation and the challenge of apps
    Safety Matters: safe Anaesthesia liaison Group – what’s happening?
  • October, 2015
    Importance of the human touch
    A silver lining Through the dark clouds shining: the development of Anaesthesia during the first world war
    WSM london 2016
    AAGBi Wylie medal runner-up essay 2015: safety in numbers
    Controlled drugs
    Addiction in anaesthesia – a personal perspective
    safety Matters
    Successful leadership and management in the Nhs
  • September, 2015
    On being managing editor
    Sixth National Audit Project (NAP6): Perioperative Anaphylaxis
    Anaesthesia goes to the (movie) theatre
    A huge thank you to our Lifeboxes for Rio supporters
    Banishing the booze
    AAGBI Wylie Medal winning essay 2015: Safety in numbers
    Wound shock 1914–18
    ‘Utrinque Paratus’ – Ready for Anything
  • August, 2015
    The WISE Anaesthetic Cup
    The Needle-Free Non-Injectable Arterial Connector (NIC)
    Arterial line safety – can we do better?
    Northern Ireland SAS Group Meeting
    Brugada syndrome: resources for the anaesthetist
    Art exhibition at Annual Congress 2015
    ‘Anesthésie a moindre risque’
    Teaching primary trauma care in Mozambique
  • July, 2015
    Getting the most out of Anaesthesia in the digital age
    free open Access medical education and its relevance in anaesthesia: using social media to keep up with the literature
    1846 - A year of discovery
    NELA sponsored Trainee Poster Prize at the AAGBi wsM
    remember saturday Night fever?
    it started in a pub - as many things do
    A silver lining through the dark clouds shining: the riddle of shock
    safety Matters
  • June, 2015
    On the job draining
    Trainees with differing needs
    The truth behind a smile.
    why mindfulness might be good for medicine
    AAGBi wellbeing resources
    safety Matters
  • May, 2015
    Scottish Standing Committee report
    AAGBi foundation activities in Uganda
    Annual congress edinburgh 2015
    Annual congress edinburgh cycle ride 2015
    innovations in training: A new perspective on assessment
    An oxygen reservoir for use in difficult environments
    innovation in the Nhs
    review of the Preoperative Association National conference
  • April, 2015
    Meeting Report: GOAL 2015
    The Sympathetic Novice System
    My day as a ‘community midwife’
    Which one is the Parmesan?
    GAT Annual Scientific Meeting
    Victor and the Spanish inquisition
    Analysis of an undergraduate anaesthetic teaching module
    Global Airway Anxiety Conference
  • March, 2015
    clinical research training fellowship in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine funded by the AAGBi
    AAGBI Board/council elections 2015
    we invite you to stand for election to the Group of Anaesthetists in Training
    The perfect storm requires perfect standards
    A history of the committee of Anaesthesia Trainees
    challenges to the wellbeing of the irish anaesthetic trainee
    Joining the GAT committee: the first six months