Anaesthesia News Archive

  • December, 2016
    Caring for champions: my Rio Olympics
    ‘London Calling’ – Paediatric Retrieval Medicine with CATS
    A patient survey of pre-operative anxiety
    Reflection on a paediatric fellowship at British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver
    AAGBI – A year in review
    Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology
    Reflections on a ‘minor’ head injury
    GAT 2017
  • November, 2016
    Anaesthetist or Peri-operative Physician?
    Don’t be part of the mob
    Life on the other side of training. Becoming an sAs doctor as an ex-trainee
    The Q initiative
    Less Than full-Time Matters
    Anaesthesia in the world’s poorest country
    The society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in dentistry (sAAd)
    Emergency laparotomy, elc and quality improvement
  • October, 2016
    The first NiAA research Award
    New methods to assess cerebral autoregulation
    Those Magnificent Men and their Anaesthetic Machines (or the Victorian nearly men of anaesthesia)
    ‘Torbay 3-in-1’ difficult Airway course
    i promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: my coroner’s court experience
    Anaesthetist or peri-operative physician?
    New Board officers, Board members, GAT officers and GAT committee members for 2016-17
  • September, 2016
    Lifeboxes for Rio – the journey ends (almost)
    The work of the WFSA
    Lifebox fellowship
    Anaesthetist and pub landlady
    Project India: Making a difference at both ends
    Obstetric anaesthesia and maternal mortality
    Critical care in East Africa
    What is SAFE?
  • August, 2016
    Societal changes and financial issues
    Financial provision for retirement
    The ageing process and its impact on organ function
    Workforce patterns and workforce issues
    Time in employment and retirement patterns of the general population
    Wellbeing at work: making work possible
    Implications for the future: practical aspects to be addressed
    The role of the Government
  • July, 2016
    critical skills day for medical students
    ‘Erm... i’m the new anaesthetic registrar – what happens now?’
    ‘You’re the doctor? i thought you were the anaesthetist?’
    The price of a mile: anaesthetics at the Battle of the somme
    The end of the dying tents in 1916: a centenary to celebrate
    Moving beyond audit: using evidence and data to improve care
    AAGBi Graves of the Greats Project
    Too drugged to drive?
  • June, 2016
    Creating a clinical simulation course – The One Heart guide
    Annual Congress 2016 - A call to trainees
    Showing up
    17 pencils and an FRCA: getting out of the exam hole
    RecoMed helps anaesthetists to increase PVC recycling
    Forget your troubles, come on get 'appy
    Walking your own path
    What is an anaesthetic trainee doing in an Ebola epidemic?
  • May, 2016
    RELAX Anaesthetics app
    Reflections from Uganda
    Annual congress 2016
    Using simple information technology to provide humanitarian telemedicine
    Patient peri-operative perspectives
    The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ lives of the fellows project – can you help?
    AAGBI and the environment – what next?
    Educationalists take over challenged NHS foundation Trust
  • April, 2016
    Lifeboxes for Rio - The story so far...
    AAGBI Council/Board Elections 2016
    The Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (APAGBI)
    We invite you to stand for election to the Group of Anaesthetists in Training
    Designing an International Anaesthesia Machine - Part 3
    Combat Anesthesia: The First 24 Hours
    Academic training in anaesthesia, what’s it all about?
    Bloggadder returns
  • March, 2016
    Guidance for authors
    Full of beans
    A South African adventure
    Nitrous oxide. the good, the bad (and the ugly)
    Hypnotic suggestions
    GAT Annual Scientific Meeting
    Fatigue, stress and death in training
    Safety Matters