Anaesthesia News

  • December, 2014
    Managing the psychological impact of a fire in an intensive care unit
    spinal surgery in Uganda
    AAGBi: A year in review
    Burnout in anaesthetic trainees
    reflections on a drug error
    every day is Monday for the Nhs
    The parent and baby room
  • November, 2014
    What's new in regional anaesthesia?
    Museum, Library and Archives Committee Report
    Social media networks as a learning platform – the anaesthesia trainees’ perspective
    News from the European Society of Anaesthesiology
    Cadaveric training courses: a realistic environment to learn anaesthetic technical skills?
    Anaesthetic training in underdeveloped countries: what is the role of junior trainees?
    Social media in anaesthesia - uniting the trainees
    Still bleeding after all these years…
  • October, 2014
    SAS committee report
    coventry ‘cement curfew’: team training for crisis
    Mentoring at GAT
    Becoming a Torontonian for a year: my account of the international critical care fellowship
    Quality improvement in peri-operative hip fracture care: nothing worth doing is easy
    The impact of clinical dogma and evidence based practice on the transition from novice to expert: a trainee’s perspective
    lifeboxes for Rio
    A guide to Personal development Plan
  • September, 2014
    The Primary FRCA: trainee experiences and recent changes
    Winston Churchill
    Research and grants committee report
    Avicenna the Anaesthetist
    A successful GAT Annual Scientific Meeting
    It’s not a Stethoscope, it’s a Stethophone
    WSM London 2015 Preview
    Rural anaesthesia in the Transkei
  • August, 2014
    The AAGBI Harrogate Cycle Ride for Guy
    Out-of-programme training: the Skype interview
    Random thoughts of a conference geek - over-runs
    Designing an international anaesthesia machine
    Irish Standing Committee update
    The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
    Introduction of 9:1 job plans – the possible consequences
  • July, 2014
    The James Lind Alliance & National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia - Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Priority Setting Partnership
    Jury summons: an anaesthetist’s reflection on the legal system
    Old, new, borrowed and blue: tranexamic acid
    Independent Practice Committee Report
    Creating a South West simulation network through HIEC
    A novel approach to exam preparation
    Teaching SAFE obstetrics in Ghana
    Less Than Full Time training demystified
  • June, 2014
    Talk Through 4-4-2
    Planning for the final hurdle in the campaign to become a consultant
    Ten tips for chairing an effective meeting - the GAT committee experience
    Ireland: The Lead NCHD role
    Systems, processes and organisational functions - An introduction to management speak
    Medical retrieval in the top end
    Learning echocardiography via e-learning: the ‘flipped classroom’ approach
    Quick update from the Standards Committee
  • May, 2014
    It’s all part of the service: an engineering contribution to anaesthesia in difficult circumstances
    A vision of anaesthesia hell
    New awards from the AAGBi and AAGBi foundation
    The Britain Nepal otology service
    The Mushin Museum: drawing parallels between the past and present
    Your anaesthetic: everything you ever wanted to know about your anaesthetic but were too afraid to ask
    Annual congress, harrogate
    UK Global Anaesthesia collaboration: survey, map and library
  • April, 2014
    Managing the rat: Motivating the disruptive healthcare professional
    Sprint National Anaesthesia Project
    Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) Annual Scientific Meeting
    Do we anaesthetise too many young children?
    A less painful experience? The Belgrade International Pain Symposium (BISOP)
    MPS Case of the month - Failure to refer
    A fall far from home: The perils of a fellowship
    Stanley Sykes: Unsung hero of anaesthesia
  • March, 2014
    AAGBI Council elections 2014
    We invite trainees to stand for election to the Group of Anaesthetists in Training Committee
    Medical Leadership – The Trainees Perspective
    A Year in KwaZulu-Natal
    Patient Safety Fellowship: A year off the conveyor belt
    SAS Career Development Funding: is it any good?
    Quality Improvement: Inter-deanery collaboration to improve trainee induction
    Latest developments in peri-operative gabapentinoid use in reducing postsurgical pain