Anaesthesia News

  • December, 2017
    Your AAGBI – Connecting with members
    Predatory journals and conferences: we should all be aware
    Clinical Excellence Awards
    The new junior doctors’ contract – the good, bad and ugly
    AAGBI: A year in review 2017
    AAGBI Heritage History Quiz
    The Common Issues Group
    SAFE Africa – Saving lives in Africa through safer anaesthesia
  • November, 2017
    ICU Warriors: taking on a challenge to benefit patients and the team
    Mind the gap – the challenges of a year between CT2 and ST3
    Chacun à son goût
    Anaesthesia in the world's newest country
    A malignant hyperthermia crisis checklist to be used in conjunction with AAGBI Guideline
    Reflections on GAT ASM ardiff 2017
    Book Review: Fragile lives – a heart surgeon’s stories of life and death on the operating table
  • October, 2017
    New AAGBI Officers and Council members
    Working in Papua New Guinea
    Tales from the dark side – a personal experience of dealing with health insurers in Ireland
    Treating the war wounded in South Sudan
    International charities working around the world – a report on my first cardiac aid trip with Open Heart International
    AAGBI Quality Assurance
    Experiences of a part-time fellowship in education
  • September, 2017
    Speaking up – the experience of a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian
    The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service
    My trainee is sick – now what do I do?
    Medical disasters, the second and even third victims…
    Medico-legal practice in anaesthesia – a guide for the curious
    Abstract thinking: presenting a poster at AAGBI conferences
    Working in retirement – dental sedations
    Handling patient complaints and staying out of trouble
  • August, 2017
    Mastery Learning – a novel method to accelerate training in regional anaesthesia
    UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network
    Reflections of an ageing SAS anaesthetist
    Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association (OAA)
    Advanced Training in Regional Anaesthetics in Vancouver, Canada
    Social media – friend or foe?
    Guardians of the NHS
    London welcomes the anaesthesia profession
  • July, 2017
    Trauma anaesthesia: a new advent of peri-injury care
    SAFE Paediatrics Malawi
    AAGBi 41st linkman conference
    No routine operation
    developing a peer-led Primary FRCA osce course
    A journey: an evolving strategy for neuromuscular blockade
    British Airways clinical human factors training
    safety Matters
  • June, 2017
    Celebrating 50 years of GAT... what's changed and what hasn't?
    Reflections on the GAT Committee
    A day in the life of a Medical Director
    Increasing ties between the Group of Anaesthetists in Training committee (GAT) and the Committee of Anaesthesia Trainees in Ireland (CAT)
    Trainee survey on physicians’ assistants in anaesthesia and role enhancement
    Laryngology clinic – the new place to learn fibreoptic intubation?
  • May, 2017
    The needle-free non-injectable arterial connector
    RELAX Anaesthetics – an update
    OBSCymru – a national quality improvement collaboration for Wales
    The Association of Dental Anaesthetists
    Innovation award-winning oxygen reservoir
    Anaesthesia News from the past
    Anaesthesia Cases
  • April, 2017
    Long-Term Strategy
    Crowd sourcing anaesthesia
    Roll up, roll up. Read Anaesthesia News!
    WFSA refresher course in Africa - a personal view
    Improving the recognition and treatment of critically unwell patients in Sri Lanka through training and education
    Aberdeen Anaesthetics Team Tame The Banchory Beast
    London to Liverpool 'A ticket to ride'
    Partnerships for progress
  • March, 2017
    A year as an editor in training
    Lessons learnt from being at the other end of the syringe
    Elections to the Council of the AAGBI
    Destination Zermatt: Helicopter Emergency Medical Services training course
    Joseph Priestley – more than the man who almost discovered oxygen
    Ugandan Anaesthetic Officers' Association meeting
    The Neuromodulation Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland (NSUKI)
    Red plunger syringes for neuromuscular blocking drugs