Anaesthesia News

  • December, 2018
    An anaesthetic view of the Royal College of Physicians’ Chief Registrar Programme
    Leadership and management training: trainer and trainee’s perspectives
    Association of Anaesthetists: a year in review 2018
    Shock finding: anaesthesia journals may cure sleep disorders
    Also Human: The Inner Lives of Doctors – a review
    Cardiothoracic anaesthesia – is it the job for you?
    Human factors training for Operating Department Practitioners
    Intra-operative myocardial infarction
  • November, 2018
    Women in intensive care medicine
    Career planning versus serendipity
    How did this happen? Aged 46 (still believing he is 22) and 'stuck in a rut'?
    A role never envisaged: how I got where I am, and the nudges that did it
    Burnout, bad sandwiches and becoming old
    Red top and sizzling – Dr Ginger Snappe shares a rare moment with the famous Scoop O’Lamine
    Radical new safety agenda in development by NHS – the BLAME Strategy
    Musings from a below average registrar
  • October, 2018
    A warm welcome to our new Board members
    Autism – a brief history
    Challenges facing children with autistic spectrum disorder presenting for anaesthesia
    Survey on suicide amongst anaesthetists
    Capnography, tracheal intubation and cardiac arrest
    The Amazonian arrow poison that revolutionised anaesthesia
    Postoperative delirium and alcohol withdrawal syndrome
    Anaesthetist receives British Citizen Award
  • September, 2018
    The Association gets a makeover: our rebrand
    In-situ paediatric emergency simulations
    ‘Forewarned is forearmed’: anaesthetists and the law
    The future of wearable technology
    Musings of a millennial in modern medicine
    Survey on suicide
    Personal recollections of Professor Michael Rosen
    Northern School of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Working Out Wellbeing Day
  • August, 2018
    Medical student electives in developing countries: medical tourism or formative work experience?
    Do you have what it takes to innovate?
    First impressions as a Lay Trustee
    The SAS seminar – A slightly different kind of meeting
    The ageing anaesthetist: a personal view from someone with 69 years experience...
    Chlorhexidine anaphylaxis: The challenges of creating a chlorhexidine-free environment for hypersensitive patients in secondary care
  • July, 2018
    Draw-over anaesthetic equipment
    Message in a bottle! A reminder of the correct way to dispose of your used propofol bottles
    The Northern Anaesthetic Pedal 2017
    The Second Environmentally S ustainable Anaesthesia Seminar
    Informing consent – where culture and ethics collide
    Shared decision making: developing a decision aid in prostate cancer
    All change at the Association
    Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship: an out-ofprogramme- experience with OBS Cymru
  • June, 2018
    A Night in the Life of an… On-call Obstetric Trainee
    A Day in the Life of a… Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist
    A Day in the Life of a… Training Programme Director
    A Day in the Life of an… On-call Consultant Anaesthetist
    A Day in the Life of an… Anaesthetic Registrar
    A Day in the Life of a… College Tutor
    A Day in the Life of an… On-call ICU Registrar
    Knowing your payslip
  • May, 2018
    The Environmental Task Group: a trainee perspective – more than low flow anaesthesia
    Domestic energy consumption
    Education goes green
    Environmental initiatives in a new build hospital
    Metal recycling in healthcare waste management
    Human health depends on nature: why doctors must become eco-warriors
    The Annual AAGBI Award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain
  • April, 2018
    Reflection made simple
    The Anaesthesia Trainee Fellowship: what has it done for me?
    A tale from another health system
    Join us in Dublin for our Annual Congress 2018
    Is the specialty of anaesthesia a waste of medical training?
    How good a trainer are you?
  • March, 2018
    An audit of trainee fatigue and wellbeing in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery
    Good experience of delayed Final FRCA success
    How to be an anaesthetist, enjoy life and work despite a brain that misfires: returning to work and mental illness
    Challenged and refreshed
    Enough about resilience: let’s talk about vulnerability
    GAT Committee nominations: come and join us
    Elections to the Council of the AAGBI