Anaesthesia News

  • March, 2019
    A road less travelled? Career development for SAS anaesthetists
    Why I am still proud to be an SAS anaesthetist
    My journey to becoming an SAS pain medicine specialist
    Working as the Director of Undergraduate Education
    Money, money, money... financing the Association of Anaesthetists
    Is it a space shuttle, a sun bed or a sleeping pod?
    SAS Travel Grant
    What’s in a name?
  • February, 2019
    Fellowship in Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia
    Come around to recycling: make a positive change
    Seven reasons why you should answer the membership survey
    Let’s get hooked on reducing plastic waste
    ‘We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to’
    ‘.....twelve years to save the world’ – the impact of desflurane on the environment (a personal view)
    Webinars go global
    Association of Anaesthetists goes orange, but is still green!
  • January, 2019
    Reporting medical device issues to the MHRA
    Updates from SALG: Scholars, Commendations and the new Safety Link Leads
    Anaesthesia Reports: the next generation journal from the Association of Anaesthetists
    Life Science Industry (LSI) accredited credentialing register
    Have wrong sided regional blocks been overlooked?
    Pioneers of patient safety
    Raising concerns and the role of Guardians: who, how, and why?
    National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs)