Guidelines App for Apple devices

Introducing the AAGBI Guidelines App which places published AAGBI guidelines in the hands of members. 

The app is freely available to AAGBI members using their membership details to access the content.

Instructions for downloading the app

Before you can download the app you will need an Apple ID. An Apple ID is your user name for everything you do with Apple

Create an Apple ID by pressing ‘Settings’ on your device, then ‘iTunes & App Store’ and ‘Create New Apple ID’

Follow the steps shown on your screen to complete the registration process

If you already have an Apple ID make sure you are logged into your account on your device. You will see your Apple ID shown on the screen by pressing ‘Settings’ then ‘iTunes and App Store’

  • Once you have an Apple ID you need to download the App from the App Store
  • Press the App Store icon and search for ‘AAGBI Guidelines’
  • Select the app by pressing ‘Free’ and ‘Install’

  • Once installation is complete the app will appear on the screen of your device
  • The final step is to login using your AAGBI membership details
  • Open the app, the login screen will appear – enter your user name and password and press ‘Login’