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Anaesthesia Team
published August 1998.

Anaesthesia Team 2
published March 2005.

Anaesthesia Team 3
published May 2010.

Anaesthesia Team 3 (May 2010) - Supplementary Statement
published September 2012.

Anaesthesia in Great Britain and Ireland: a physician only service
published March 1996.

Anaesthesia in Ireland – the provision of a safe service
published May 1989.

Anaesthetic related equipment
published February 1994.

Anaesthetists and non-acute pain management
published June 1993.

Anaphylactic reactions associated with anaesthesia 2
published September 1995.

Anaphylactic reactions associated with anaesthesia 3
published August 2003.


Blood Transfusion and the Anaesthetist - Blood Component Therapy
published December 2005.

Blood Transfusion and the Anaesthetist - Intra-operative Cell Salvage
published September 2009.

Blood Transfusion and the Anaesthetist - Management of Massive Haemorrhage
published November 2010.

Blood Transfusion and the Anaesthetist - Red Cell Transfusion 2
published June 2008.


Capnography Outside The Operating Theatre - Statement
published January 2009.

Care of the Elderly
published December 2001.

Care of the critically ill child in Irish Hospitals (An Irish Standing Committee Publication)
published April 2005.

Checking anaesthetic equipment 3
published January 2004.

Checklist for Anaesthetic Apparatus 2
published March 1997.

Checklist for anaesthetic equipment - A4 sheet
published January 2004.

Consent for Anaesthesia 2
published January 2006.

Consultant trainee relationships – a guide for consultants
published June 2001.

Contract and Job Planning for Consultant Anaesthetists
published June 2005.

Contracts and workload for consultant anaesthetists
published June 1997.

Controlled Drugs
published October 1995.


DNAR Decisions in the Perioperative Period (2009)
published May 2009.

Day surgery (revised edn)
published July 2005.

Department of Anaesthesia: secretariat and accommodation
published December 1992.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Amongst Anaesthetists: Guidance on Identification and Management (1999)
published April 1999.


Fatigue and Anaesthetists (Extended Web Version) (being reviewed)
published June 2005.

Fatigue and Anaesthetists (being reviewed)
published July 2004.