Working Parties

Working parties are established to perform some of the Association's most important work.  Most will result in the publication of a guideline (popularly known as a 'glossy') and these familiar, brightly covered documents have become one of the Association's ‘signature’ publications.

Topics covered include patient safety, working conditions, welfare and contractual issues.  All guidelines go out for public consultation before final approval by Board. Guidelines are then published in the public part of our website.  With the agreement of the Editor-in-Chief some guidelines will also be published in Anaesthesia.

Working Parties can be contacted through contact Secretariat on 020 7631 1650 (option 3) or e-mail

In February 2011 Council decided that future guidelines would not routinely be distributed in paper form to all members but would continue to be available on request and have a limited distribution to Linkmen, Clinical Directors, anaesthetic department secretaries and NHS Trust/Board Chief Executives.

Any member who would like to receive a printed version of an guideline should email ‘New glossy’ notices will be placed in the e-newsletter along with links to the documents. 

Members can request up to 5 copies of each publication free of charge; thereafter at a charge of £4.50 each.

Non-Members can purchase copies of the guidelines 1-50 copies £5 each, 51-100 £4 each and over 100 £3 each. 

Guidelines are also available to members through the Guidelines App, instructions on how to download the app can be found here

Working Parties about to start

Day case and short stay surgery (review, joint with BADS)

Management of proximal femoral fractures (review)

Neurological monitoring practice after obstetric neuraxial block (joint with OAA)



Working Parties being prepared for publication

Best practice in anaesthesia by intravenous infusions (joint with SIVA)

Chairs: Dr Samantha Shinde and Dr Alastair Nimmo