Grants and awards for SAS doctors

SAS Professional Development Grant of up to £2,000

The AAGBI awards funding for the SAS Professional Development Grant. The next round of funding will be open in 2019. The AAGBI awards this grant to enthusiastic SAS doctors who are members of the AAGBI, for training and professional development opportunities. The grant is intended to enhance the individual's experience, for example in attending clinical management, leadership and other educational skills courses or acquiring new skills which are relevant to the workplace, in particular where this improves the quality of patient care and improves service development.

The grant must not fund routine CPD activities which should be funded through the normal study leave budget of trusts, nor examination fees, exam preparation courses or College related fees.

The grant fund is a total of £2,000 and the awarding Committee may decide to award multiple awards within the total available in any one year, but in exceptional circumstances are able to award the full amount to one applicant.

All SAS doctors who are members of the AAGBI are eligible to apply.

Discover how our SAS members have used the professional development grant to attend an international conference, and for professional training.

SAS Audit and Research Prizes

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