Find out how SAS doctor Devaraj Nidagatte Dyamanna used a professional development grant to attend professional training.

Using the SAS Professional Development Grant for the Practical Leadership and Management course for doctors
I work as an SAS doctor in the department of anaesthetics and intensive care at a district general hospital. My role includes working on general surgical, colorectal, orthopaedic, and urological procedures as well as maternity and ITU on calls. I also attend obstetric/medical emergencies and cardiac arrest calls. My work demands the effective management of resources, people and time so I'd been looking to consolidate and advance my management and leadership skills.

Finding a course
As an enthusiastic SAS doctor, I was always on the lookout for a course that addressed leadership skills and people management. Finally I came across the Practical Leadership and Management Course for Doctors by Oxford Medical Training. The course would cost me around £300, including travel expenses. Unfortunately I'd used up all my study leave and budget on my final FRCA preparation and exams.
Then I discovered the AAGBI professional grant for SAS doctors and managed to pull an application together. I was delighted to learn I'd been awarded the full £300, which definitely eased my financial burdens!

The course
The course was excellent - comprehensive and interactive with ample opportunities to enhance your personal experience. The group comprised of doctors from different specialties and grades, which made sharing experiences very productive and interesting. The course had a balance of lectures and small group activities on task allocation, time management and project implementation. We also learnt the art of managing oneself for maximum impact.

The outcome
This course fulfilled my educational needs by reinforcing my existing knowledge and helped me to develop a more patient-centred philosophy within my Trust.  Since taking the course I've successfully implemented a service improvement project within the Trust. I'm now looking to conduct a research survey on 'Quality of anaesthesia – patient's perspective' and to design a quality dashboard for the department. The array of quality indicators (results) would provide an opportunity for trainees and SAS doctors to undertake relevant audits and research projects. This project has been approved by the department of anaesthesia and the Trust audit department.

This was an enjoyable and productive event. I feel fortunate to have received the grant and I extend my gratitude to the AAGBI board for the timely assistance and continued support.