Research and Grants Committee

The AAGBI makes a major contribution to research funding in anaesthesia. This funding is now channelled through the NIAA and supports department project grants, research fellowships and small research grants.

The Research and Grants Committee invites applications for various awards and travel grants from undergraduates, anaesthetic trainees, SAS grade doctors and ordinary members. The Committee judges all applications using a formal, structured process and then makes recommendation to the Board for award.

Supporting research and development remains a key strategy for the AAGBI and we would encourage all members with ideas for research, audit or survey to submit applications. The Committee would also encourage applications for support in the organisation of courses in low and middle income countries.

Please be aware, the AAGBI has a policy to not distribute surveys to members on behalf of others.

For further information on any of the grants available please visit our Funding for Research page

Chairman's report in Anaesthesia News

The Research and Grants Chairman's report, Anaesthesia News, September 2014 read>>

Dr Matthew Davies (Peterborough)'Dr Matt Davies Chair of the Research and Grants Committee