National Essential Anaesthetic Drug List (NEADL)


The aim of the NEADL document, which was written by members of the AAGBI Safety Committee with input from the wider AAGBI membership, is to ensure that there is a safe and sustainable supply of essential drugs for patients requiring anaesthesia. It provides advice to anaesthetists, as well as suppliers and managers, on a minimum set of drugs that must be available wherever anaesthesia is to be conducted safely.  Efforts can then be focused to ensure sustainability of their supply or, if the drug is in short supply, a contingency plan can be put in place to help identify alternative drugs.

The NEADL can also be used by organisations representing the specialty of anaesthesia to drive discussions with the UK and Irish Governments about what can be done to prevent drug shortages on a national scale. Suggestions are made by the NEADL authors for how to address the issue with Government agencies.

There will be opportunities at the AAGBI conferences to hear about the NEADL and to make your contributions to its development and maintenance. Alternatively, you may email us your views at:

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