Safety Campaigns

Risky Business
Risky Business is a non-profit collaborative venture to share ideas on risk, human factors, teamwork and leadership, and hosts exceptional talks on managing risk and patient safety from world experts, including those in a wide array of high risk industries, business, sport, and exploration. Find out more »
The Clinical Human Factors Group

The Clinical Human Factors Group is an independent campaign group formed from a broad coalition of healthcare professionals that aims to stimulate dialogue and demonstrate how a better understanding of the role of human factors can have a significant impact on safety, quality and productivity in healthcare in the NHS. The Clinical Human Factors Group was established following the death of Elaine Bromiley as a result of problems during routine surgery. A report by the then President of the AAGBI identified serious errors in clinical care where human factors played an important role. Read More »

1000 Lives Plus Campaign

1000 Lives Plus Campaign is a five-year programme to improve patient safety and reduce avoidable harm across all sectors of the health service in NHS Wales. Launched in May, 2010, the work of 1000 Lives Plus Campaign includes, amongst other targets, initiatives to improve maternity services, critical care, recovery after surgery, use of medicines, response to acute illness and reduce hospital acquired infections. Read More »

HSC Safety Forum

The aim of the HSC Safety Forum is to implement evidence-based interventions known to save lives and reduce harm, and work with individuals and organisations to make a difference for patients in Northern Ireland. Read More »

The Scottish Patient Safety Alliance

The Scottish Patient Safety Alliance oversees the work of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme. NHS Scotland was the first health service in the world to adopt a national approach to improving patient safety. Read More »